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Piano Lessons


For more detailed information about my teaching philosophy and style, please read "Vision"

by Paul Burd

​  Professional Musician & Music Teacher 

​Member of the Music Teachers' Association of California,

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music from American College of Musicians and National Guild of Piano Teachers

ABOUT Paul burd

Piano - Keyboard - Lessons 

I'm a professional Musician and Music Teacher with over 30 years of experience of teaching music to children and adults. A classically educated and trained instructor with a College degree in teaching music, I also have a vast experience in arranging and recording music in different genre(s): Blues, Jazz, Pop and Rock. 

I love seeing students succeed, and I developed teaching strategies and methodologies that simplify many of the learning processes. I have combined my experience as a classical musician with expertise as a band performer and composer to create my own proved method of teaching people of various age groups, tailoring their musical interests and needs to their potential achievements. 

My desire is to provide them with "tools" to make music accessible for anyone who wants to enjoy the playing and creating of music for themselves. It gives me particular pleasure when my students make progress and feel happy. Some of my students have become professional musicians or music teachers, while others simply enjoy the lifelong pleasure of playing an instrument.