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My Online Piano Lessons

Music lessons provide a wide range of benefits.
Music grows new connections in the brain. Because of the way our two hands are used, playing the piano develops these connections better than any other instrument. Piano study improves math skills, coordination, and multi-level thinking. Students slowly develop independence of the hands, and the ability for each hand to perform a completely different action in coordinated unison.

Studies show music lessons help develop concentration, coordination and self-discipline. Music lessons improve test scores, cognitive development, math and reading abilities, self-esteem. 

Taking music lessons as an adult
 is great if you want to bond with your children, or have a productive hobby that stimulates your mind and fingers. Music making makes adults healthier. There are significant decreases in anxiety, depression, and loneliness following music lessons. These are factors that are critical in coping with stress, stimulating the immune system, and in improved health. So, if you have been thinking of taking up piano or any musical activity after all these years… it looks like it’s a great idea!

While we may be miles away from one another, technology makes it possible to have a personal connection with you.

Using multiple camera angles, and interweaving technology I can ensure your lesson is a positive experience with lots of learning opportunities.

M​y studio set-up includes three high-definition cameras to capture different angles​, a high-speed internet, stream deck studio, two big monitors and a professional-grade microphone.

Learn Plying Piano in the Comfort of Your Home

Online Piano Lessons

Effective, personal and convenient

While the internet offers many options for learning music that can provide you valuable information, like video tutorials, masterclasses, etc., having a live teacher for your online music lessons will provide you with personalized instruction.

Unlike with video tutorials and other similar resources, my online music lessons can be customized to your personal skill level goals and understanding. I make sure that you are progressing in the right way, forming good habits, and that you completely understand every idea moving onto the next one. 

Pros of Learning Piano Online, with a Teacher:

  Paul Burd is a talented teacher who really cares for his students. I'm an adult student and have been taking lessons from Mr. Burd for the past 3 years. During that time, I have progressed substantially on the piano. Specifically in my ability to read music, and technique when playing. More importantly, Mr. Burd instilled a love of playing the piano to where I find joy and happiness when I play.

I was even able to continue taking lessons during the pandemic. I even opted to continue with remote lessons post-pandemic. I set my laptop up on a small side table and have a ZOOM call for my lesson. Paul has a professional set up with a microphone and several camera angles so he can demonstrate techniques. I prefer the remote lessons because I am able to learn to play on my own piano and the ease of not having a commute.

Paul is the teacher I recommend to anyone interested in learning to play the piano.

Holly E.

  I have been taking piano lessons with Paul for two years now. I cannot recommend him enough. I appreciate that Paul teaches not just what to practice, but how to practice, which helps me to develop good technique and to make the most of my practice time. I leave each lesson feeling encouraged and grateful to be his student.
Jula A.

Pop your laptop on a chair or your iPad/tablet on an iPad stand next to your piano, facing your hands and the keys. Connect to your online lesson (you will receive a link each week in your lesson reminder).

That's it! Enjoy your lesson! 


the music lessons studio

From my students


After spending more than 30 years teaching piano in a traditional, in-person format, I was reluctant to consider teaching piano lessons online, even though some of my students were beginning to request them.

 ​During  ​COVID-19 pandemic ​d​istance learning has become a familiar phrase for students of all ages and subjects. After multiple requests from my students, I began teaching piano online during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The results were amazing and exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. My students were not only enjoying learning online, but thriving!

My virtual lessons mirror my traditional lessons - with a few subtle differences in teaching style.
I realized that by adopting the online format, I could teach top-quality piano lessons without compromising on the experience, both for me and my students. ​​

Now, my students and I have cameras in our homes so we can see and communicate with each other. I can assess and help them with lesson setup, technique, posture etc. as effectively as if they were sitting in my studio. My students report that they feel more relaxed learning and playing in the comfort of their own homes, therefore showing better results. During the entire lesson, I’m with the student all the time while sitting at my piano to demonstrate technique or lessons as needed.

I am delighted to be able to offer my teaching skills online. With professional equipment and by honing my techniques with students of differing abilities, I have been able to develop an online teaching method that my students find rewarding and enjoyable. The best way for you to find out if my online lessons are for you, is to try it and see how it goes!

online-1-on-1 piano-lessons-by-Paul-Burd

My online lessons are conducted using Zoom, the now very well-known video conferencing platform. Zoom is free for the students and works on all devices. 

Benefits of online lessons


Music Lessons Benefits

Via Zoom, you will be able to see and hear me via your laptop or iPad, which you position next to your keyboard or piano.​When it is time for your lesson, simply connect to Zoom and I will be there waiting on the other end!

The lessons are conducted similarly to in-person lessons, with special attention to creative teaching strategies, aural awakening methods and, most importantly, creating a fun, non-threatening environment for you to learn and grow.  ​

  • Online music lessons allow you to learn an instrument from the comfort of your home. It adds the convenience and the time-saving. My studio also offers increased flexibility making it easier to stick with lessons.

  •  Be able to play your own instrument at lessons.​​

  • Each of us sits at a piano or keyboard, making demonstrating easy and efficient.

  • You’ll have more time to prepare for your online music lesson. Since you are not traveling to your lesson, you can  warm up on your instrument before your lesson begins and you will be ready for the lesson and better prepared for new material. Once you are done with your lesson you don’t need to travel back home from an online music lesson and can keep practicing right away on your own, for better retention of the exercises covered!

  • Record your online music lesson. A really neat thing with online lessons is the ability to record and replay that lesson. You will have a replay of your full lesson for you to review later. This will help you remember any points you may have forgotten since your lesson.​

  • ​​Online piano lessons are a great option in case of bad weather, illness, or anything that makes traveling challenging.

  • Lessons are suitable for all ages. 

  • Unique custom plan for each student.

  • Learn the secrets of efficient Piano Techniques.

  • Develop sight-reading, repertoire, ear training and knowledge of fundamental music theory.

  • Learn to play Classical, Pop, Rock, ​Blues, Jazz.​​

  • Build improvisational skills.​

  • Do your own arranging and songwriting.​

  • Preparation for Certificate of Merit ​State Exam and National Piano Guild Audition.

​​Your required set up is quick and easy,

all you need is a laptop or iPad, an internet connection and a piano or keyboard!